‘What will someone feel here?’

That question is at the crux of all our work, a touchstone for every stage of every project you see here.

We have what is on the face of it a straightforward approach to the discipline of architecture. This says that we need to include decisions about the physical impression of the project in its conceptual foundation. It is not good enough to have a concept and hope it can be maintained through the rigours of the RIBA Work Stages. We need to be sure that what we draw can be built, and that what we build will evoke appropriate feelings in the people which use it.

As this is about the technology of enclosing and modifying and filtering a volume of space, it necessarily includes the big issue of sustainability and the small matter of human comfort. Often we find ourselves working with fluid shapes which seem organically to connect people to uses.

So the projects here explore these preoccupations in different ways through very different projects – and after a time we feel we are beginning to understand what all this might mean.