Alexandra Square

  • Location: Lancaster
  • Programme: 2009
  • Client: University of Lancaster
  • Contract Value: £1.5m

The entry for the University of Lancaster was developed with Gillespies and Stockley. Built around the idea of creating a new ‘town square’ for the University, the existing Alexandra Square was enhanced by the addition of greenery, more usable seating areas, and improved finishes.

Arca prepared designs for the canopy structures, the underpass link, and the new information hub. Architecturally, the hub and link to the underpass were conceived as simple civic gestures, with recognisable features such as a public clock. Scrolling information allowed students to wait in the open space of the square, only descending into the underpass at the last minute. The canopies comprised steel ‘trees’ with ‘leaves’ in a range of materials: timber, glass, polycarbonate, and photovoltaic arrays.