Apothecary House

  • Location: Highgate, London
  • Programme: 2006 - 2009
  • Client: Confidential
  • Contract Value: Confidential

In common with many older houses, the kitchen space in this Grade-2 listed London property was inadequate. A new suite of family rooms was required, with relocated staff accommodation and garage, and a kitchen with a stronger, more direct link to the garden needed to be created. The solution proposed involved building a long, low extension hugging the rear wall of the garden, linking the old house with a new garage and staff flat. By mirroring the line of the curved footprint, a lens-shaped verandah was described, forming an unique and distinctive space between the new kitchen and the garden.

The project used a palette of high quality materials drawn from its context – red brick, lead and portland stone – with optically-clear frameless glazing for the kitchen elevation.