Chorlton Park Housing

  • Location: Manchester
  • Programme: 1999
  • Client: Irwell Valley Housing
  • Contract Value: ¬£750 000

The brief called for alternative, flexible and imaginative environments to challenge the conventional devision of space. In this context, a re-examination of the nature of space bacame the prime generator of the design solution.

Arca proposed radically reducing those spaces that were intermittently used, and housing functions behind ‘thick’ doors that could be closed to create large, flexible living space. The building consisted of a simple and economical precast concrete box structure, lined with fine timber finishes and joinery. The exposed ferro-cement soffit provided thermal mass to radiate stored heat at night, which had written in its geometry the sweeps of the large doors.¬†Externally, the position of the site gave the opportunity to provide a strong building that could respond to the corner as it dropped from the urban to the suburban scale of the city grid behind.

Finalist Invited Competition