Church Wharf Development

  • Location: Bolton, UK
  • Programme: 2008
  • Client: Ask Developments
  • Contract Value: £4m

In developing a submission for this invited competition, Arca sought to create a range of housing types across a challenging, diverse site. Using the visual anchor of the dominant church tower, the street grid builds on the existing pattern. Parallel streets with a shared surface treatment were intended to create practical spaces for families for mixed tenure.

The central space was envisaged as an orchard or allotments, with the flood pumping station overclad in perforated corten steel to create a centrepiece for the scheme, whilst acknowledging its industrial roots.

A key feature was the inclusion of interlocked patio housetypes, termed ‘zip houses’. They were sheltered from the busy dual carriageway by a taller apartment block, also on the parallelogram grid.