Greengate Development

  • Location: Salford
  • Programme: 2004
  • Client: BSC Group
  • Contract Value: £110m

The new Greengate Development was one of the first projects in the Salford Exchange Greengate Masterplan. 

At the front of the site facing the new urban space in the heart of the masterplan sits the 5-star hotel building. The repetitive bays of the rooms are held in a solid frame – an element which operates at the grand scale of the square. The sloping site is carried into the double-height lobby areas, creating overlapping floor levels with visual links across the spaces from ribbon-like balconies. Ancillary hotel accommodation extends into the central courtyard, with light scoops bringing daylight to these secondary spaces.

With their distinctive pinwheel plans, the two towers form the focal point of the masterplan, housing apartments for sale and rent.