Helix Tower

  • Location: Manchester
  • Programme: 2001
  • Client: Arca
  • Contract Value: £15m

The Helix project was born out of a speculative discussion for a mixed-use tower. The building consisted of one infinitely extendable idea – a spiral, rising to 40 stories high. In effect, this created a building of one continuous floor, with compelling by-products.

For example, the perimeter view and natural light was maximised for a given area  of flat, and with no divisions, the partitions separating the flats can be located freely. This meant that the penthouse could be as big as necessary, occupying one rotation, and leading to a large roof garden or terrace. Furthermore, all flats would in effect be split level, with stepped level changes between living, dining and sleeping zones. In construction terms, the building utilised a precast concrete construction method of just four components, and a façade of just one glazing panel type.