Igloo Base

  • Location: Manchester
  • Programme: 2005
  • Contract Value: £250 000

Igloo were looking for a home in the creative centre of Manchester, and selected a small infill site on Tib Street. The site turns the corner into a 1970’s council estate, but otherwise has a setting of low rise brick structures in a conservation area.

Arca were inspired by the name of the company to create the simplest building form possible, with the minimum number of component parts, whilst acknowledging the urban context. The structure comprises solid lumber panels, prefabricated and assembled on a concrete base, and left unfinished in the final spaces. On the outside, timber and metal screens create a consistent, unified form, varied by the nature of the surfaces behind – solid timber, translucent glass, clear glass, or air. A continuous external stair occupies the zone between the building and the existing terrace, stepping up the façade to the roof, where a wildlife-friendly green roof can be found.