Manor 8 Estate

  • Location: Sheffield
  • Programme: 2005
  • Client: Gleesons Regeneration Ltd
  • Contract Value: £8m

The Manor Estate is one of the Housing Market Renewal Areas in Sheffield, where developers are invited to bid to redevelop public housing sites. In common with other sites, there was a requirement for affordable homes to be included, with some also suitable for meeting the Lifetime Homes and Mobility Homes standards.

The proposals provide for a new communal space in the heart of the scheme – the ‘teardrop’ – giving a new identity to the existing street pattern. The geometry adopted links to the strong geometric character of the larger context of the Manor Estate, which features circles, ellipses and crescents. Individual houses are two- and three-stories, detached, semi-detached or terraced, with access from a homezone street arrangement affording the maximum useable public space for the community.