Ullswater Yacht Club

  • Location: Ulswater
  • Programme: 2011
  • Client: Ullswater Yacht Club

In 2011 the RIBA launched an open competition to design a new Clubhouse for the Ullswater Yacht Club.

Arca’s response to the brief was driven by the desire to create a memorable, dramatic structure with a unique relationship to the lake. By turning the upper floor 90 degrees and allowing it to hover over the water, the new building becomes like an ‘aerial jetty’. This provides extraordinary panoramic views up and down the lake. On race days the connection with the action is even more immediate, more engaging.

The clubhouse is clad in green oak, which will twist and silver on its stone-clad base. Behind the timber, a deck wraps around the internal space, giving varied viewpoints of the lake, and different qualities of shelter and shade.