Weaver’s Triangle

  • Location: Burnley UK
  • Programme: 2004-2008
  • Client: Hurstwood Group
  • Contract Value: £50m

Developers Hurstwood assembled a series of site parcels centred on Sandygate in Burnley, along a stretch of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. The area had been promoted by Burnley Council as ‘Weaver’s Triangle’ in recognition of its past as the centre of the town’s industrial heritage.

Arca’s brief was to provide options for the configuration of a mix of uses – leisure, residential, and commercial. The proposals envisaged the canal combining commercial and residential uses on its banks. Off Sandygate, a new square with leisure and food uses facing onto it was designed to draw people into the heart of the site. From here a special ‘three-point’ bridge linked the secondary street pattern to the new residential developments on the south side, and a gallery in the listed former Engine House.